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  • Links & Resources | Central Alberta Wome

    Links & Resources Domestic Relationship Violence Initiative Committee Statistics Canada Roots of Empathy National Aboriginal Circle against Family Violence National Clearinghouse on Family Violence Ending Violence Against Women Understanding Abuse - What is Domestice Violence? Helping Survivors of Abuse and Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Bullying and Substance Abuse Guide to Overcoming Your Low Self-Esteem Canadian Legal FAQs Family Violence Legal Information in Alberta Kids Up Front Foundation - Children and Violence Child Trauma Academy - Dr. Bruce Perry Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey American Bar Association - Domestic Violence Statistics Addiction Center The Recovery Village

  • Get Help | Central Alberta Wome

    Get Help CAWES offers a range of free and confidential services providing specialist support for victims of domestic violence for Red Deer and surrounding communities. 24/7 Toll-Free Helpline: 1-888-346-5643 Programs & Services Start your journey to a new life free from abuse here. Get Internet Safe Learn more about managing your internet browsing history Safety Plan Learn more about managing your internet browsing history ​ You have the right to a healthy relationship! You do not deserve to be abused, and it is not your fault. If the safety of you or your children is at risk, call 911 or CAWES Local: 1-403-346-5643 , Toll Free: 1-888-346-5643 , Crisis Textline: 1-403-506-0485 . Our trained Case Managers are available 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, 365 days-a-year to support you in your journey. We are here to answer your questions, hear your voice, and provide support and advice in a non-judgmental environment. We understand that no two relationships are the same and your situation is unique. Wherever you are, whatever you need – we are here to help. Please call .

  • Kraze Cares | Central Alberta Wome

    kraze 101.3 has partnered with the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter for the month of December for kraze cares ! ​ CAWES offers a wide range of services to women and their families who have experienced violence and abuse from accommodation and emergency services to child support programs and a family violence helpline. Make any donation, $5 all the way up to whatever you can contribute! Text in a screenshot of your donation/ tax receipt to 403-314-4487 with the keyword “DONATE” and you’ll be entered to win great prizes from our sponsors. Plus if we raise more than $101 for CAWES, our sponsors will donate $200 to CAWES to make our donation even bigger!​ ​ Donate now through our partner selecting "kraze cares for CAWES" from the dropdown menu - it's that simple! ​ ​ ​ ​ CanadaHelps

  • Volunteer Opportunities | Central Alberta Wome

    Volunteer Opportunities CAWES is fortunate to have a committed group of volunteers to donate their time and skills towards supporting families caught in the cycle of domestic violence. We truly appreciate your donation of time to our 'CAWES '. There are many benefits to volunteering with the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter: ​ Build on a sense of community Develop skills working with children Achieve an understanding of our diverse community Document hours for education, work experience or work reference purposes Increase your awareness of family violence and child abuse Build new relationships, make new friends and become an active member of the community All volunteers working in the shelter must complete the CAWES volunteer application process before beginning their volunteer work. ​ All volunteers must be 16 years of age Both men and women are invited to volunteer with the CAWES In-house volunteers must have a current Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check In-house volunteers must provide at least three references Volunteer Opportunities Event Volunteers We are always seeking mature, responsible individuals to volunteer at our events and to help in-house. If you would like to help us in house, whether in Child Support, the kitchen, or sorting donations, we would love to have you join our volunteer team. For more information about current and upcoming volunteer opportunities, call 403-346-05643 or email In-House Volunteers ​ We are looking for mature, responsible, and FUN individuals to help with our Child Care team in-house. If you love kids and would like to give back to your community, this is a terrific position for you. Child Support volunteers are responsible for planning and supervising activities for children staying at CAWES . ​ police and vulnerable sector checks For more information on volunteer opportunities please contact:

  • Fundraising | Central Alberta Wome

    Fundraising As a non-profit organization, we are always grateful for the goodwill and support of the local community to hold fundraising events. Fundraising takes time and hardwork to plan, but is rewarding and above all - fun! If you are considering holding a fundraiser for CAWES, please take time to read through some of the suggestions below or contact to discuss your ideas further. Whatever you decide, every dollar helps us provide a vital service for women and children fleeing domestic violence in Central Alberta. Hosting an Event Show your support for CAWES by hosting a fundraising event. Fundraising Coming Soon! Fundraising Coming Soon! Looking for other ways to contribute to CAWES ? View our available volunteer opportunities , or learn how you can donate to our organization

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    Speak Out, Reach Out! 24/7 Toll-Free 1-888-346-5643 Support Us! CAWES is a non-profit organization, and we rely heavily on the generosity of others to fund the work we do for the local community. You can donate directly or invite your friends, family, and work colleagues to get involved by hosting a fundraising initiative. Whatever you decide, please consider supporting us. Every dollar helps us provide a vital service for women and children fleeing domestic violence in Central Alberta. Donate Fundraising News & Events Our 2022 Holiday Christmas List is out now! Read More > Get Help Find out more about how services and programs can help you or a loved one get their life back. Read More > Get Internet Safe Learn more about covering your tracks and staying safe online. Read More > Statistics & Facts In 2018, 44% of women reported experiencing some form of psychological, physical, or sexual violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes according to Statistics Canada . Read More > Building Bridges to a Better Future The Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter offers safe refuge, case management, and community support for families experiencing family violence. Every year, we meet nearly 3,000 people who have made the brave step towards a life free from violence. There are thousands more in our community who still need our help. ​ 24/7 Helpline: 1-888-346-5643

  • Crisis Intervention | Central Alberta Wome

    Crisis Intervention Free crisis support is available to women experiencing or who think they may be experiencing family violence by our experienced and trained crisis intervention team. We are available: In-House: To residents 24 hrs/day 7 days/week By Phone: 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week by calling 403-346-5643 or through the Family Violence Helpline (1-888-346-5643 ) Walk-Ins: By appointment. CAWES relies on the generosity of the community to maintain these programs and services for women in need. To learn how you can contribute to CAWES , read about our Donation Options , or browse our current Volunteer Opportunities .

  • Donate | Central Alberta Wome

    Donations The high standards of service that CAWES provides throughout the year to its clients would not be possible if it were not for the generous financial donations from caring individuals and community-minded businesses such as yourselves. ​ Below you will find a number of options for donating to CAWES , and no matter how big or small, every penny helps to save lives of women and children in Central Alberta. ​ Online: You can chose to donate to CAWES though Paypal or . Click the method you wish to use below to make your donation online. This quick, secure, and efficient method will enable CAWES to put your gift to good use immediately. CanadaHelps By Mail: Please make your cheque or money order payable to: Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter Box 561 Red Deer, AB T4N 5G1 By Phone: We are eager to hear from you! You may wish to donate with VISA or MASTERCARD by calling 403-346-5643 Become a Monthly Donor: By giving monthly, you will ensure that families in need are receiving your support on an ongoing basis. Our convenient automatic debit donation system is comfortable and secure, and able to work with your monthly and annual budgeting. ​ Click HERE to set up your online monthly donation. Stocks & Securities Legacy Giving Life Insurance Other Options Gifts of Stocks & Securities Take advantage of important Capital Gains tax savings with your donation of stocks and/or securities. Your gift will make a significant difference in the lives of families affected by domestic violence at a lower after-tax cost to you. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the value of the stock on the day the donation was made. Wishlists & In-Kind Gifting Wishlists : CAWES has a year-round wishlist for items that will assist and benefit the women and children we help as they begin their journey of rebuilding. Please go our dedicated Wishlists page for further information. ​ In-Kind Gifting : Due to health and safety protocols, limited resources, and capacity to store donations, we respectfully accept only new and unused clothing and toiletries. We encourage you to consider monetary donations, or gift cards when possible as they offer the greatest amount of flexibility for clients with limited resources. For more information on donating in-kind items to CAWES , please call 403-346-5643 or email us at . Alternatively, please use the Wishlists link above to view the essential items we currently need to support our clients. Charitable Tax Receipts ​ As a Registered Charity (Charitable Status Number: 10688 5437 RR0001), we are authorized to issue receipts to be used to claim a charitable tax credit (individual donations) or tax deduction (corporate donations). All donations of $20 or over will be issued a charitable tax receipt. We are not able to issue charitable tax receipts for in-kind donations, unless a purchase receipt is provided. ​ For more information on charitable tax benefits, visit

  • Presentations | Central Alberta Wome

    Presentations The Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter regularly meets with community groups, schools and workplaces to engage and educate on issues surrounding family violence. Our presenters are experts in the field of family violence and community development, and look forward to tailoring a presentation that will meet your needs and expectations. Some presentation ideas include (but are not limited to): Engaging workshops, presentations and talks for middle, high school and post-secondary students on healthy relationships, bullying, dating violence, self-esteem and confidence and more. Education and presentations for educators and parents on the nuances of supporting youth with issues of dating violence, self-esteem and healthy relationships. Workshops and presentations on the Roots of Domestic Violence, Why Women Stay, Adverse Childhood Trauma (ACE), Effects of Abuse on Children and more. Community/agency collaboration and discussions around a collaborative continuum of care. Request a Presentation For any further questions about our presentations, please call 403.346.5643 or email First Name Last Name Email Phone Group Type Choose an option arrow&v # in Group Choose an option arrow&v Send Thanks for submitting!

  • FAQ | Central Alberta Wome

    Frequently Asked Questions Useful Information We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers for your convenience. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to and we’ll respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. Q : Does it cost anything to stay at the Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter ? A : No , all of our services are completely free of charge. Always . Q : I think I am in an abusive relationship. What should I do? A : Call one of our counselors at 1-888-346-5643 to speak with them in confidence. We are available to talk 24 hours a day / 7 days a week . Visit our Learning Centre to help understand family violence and what your options are. Q : Do you help men who are being abused? A : Yes . Violence against men is a serious issue in our community, and it is important for men to know that there are resources available to them. Men who are experiencing domestic violence (including psychological, verbal, physical, financial and spiritual abuse) can speak with our trained counselors by calling 1-888-346-5643 24 hours a day / 7 days a week . All calls are confidential. Q : How much of the money that you raise goes to help women and children affected by family violence? A : Our administrative costs are less than 10% of total expenditures. That means 90 cents out of every dollar goes directly to fund programs for families affected by domestic violence. Administrative costs include heating the shelter, maintaining our state-of-the-art security system and ensuring that we employ people who are experts in their field of domestic violence. Without these costs, we would not be able to provide the high level of care we are so proud of. The Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter strives to maintain the highest level of accountability, transparency and effectiveness in all our efforts. We welcome inquiries concerning our financial policies and expenditure profile. You can view our annual report and audited financial summary here . Q : I would like to start raising funds for CAWES. How should I go about doing this? A : Thank you! As an organization that relies on community funds for nearly 40% of our budget, your fundraising efforts are truly appreciated! Visit our Fundraising page to learn more about or how to get further involved with CAWES . Looking for other ways to contribute to CAWES ? View our available volunteer opportunities , or learn how you can donate to our organization

  • Get Involved | Central Alberta Wome

    Get Involved You Can Make a Difference Whatever your means or preference, there are many ways you can make a difference in the lives of the women and children CAWES help. The Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter provides vital services to the region, and that is made possible thanks to the support of people like you. ​ CAWES is grateful for all of the caring and compassionate people that support our work. Your contribution of time, talent, and treasure has a critical impact in our effort to end family violence in Central Alberta and beyond. ​ We invite you to provide hope to our vulnerable women and their children through a variety of giving options including those who would like to support the ongoing needs of the service through our wish list, or would like to create their own fundraiser dedicated to CAWES . ​ Whichever support channel you choose, we thank you for your consideration and generosity. Donate Start making a difference today... Click below to learn more about the many way you can donate to CAWES Read More Wishlist A one-stop shop for vital essentials to help our clients Click below to see our latest wishlist needs Read More Fundraise Have fun and raise money for a good cause! Click below to find out more about how to start your own fundraiser to benefit CAWES Read More News & Events Want to find out more about what's going on at CAWES? Click below to get up-to-date on the latest news and events from CAWES Read More

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