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Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

The month of February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month. 💜

There are many warning signs or "red flags" that dating violence is present, such as jealousy or controlling behaviors. This behavior can look like a person trying to dictate how their partner spends their own time. They may display jealous behavior if their partner is speaking with or spending time with other people.

Another red flag that teen dating violence is present is if they are constantly monitoring their partner's social media. This behavior can look like a person monitoring how many "likes" their partner is getting. An abusive partner may get mad at their partner for who is reacting to or commenting on their partner's posts. They may monitor the type of posts and pictures their partners post and get mad if they dislike or don't agree with what is posted.

Sudden moodiness or uncontrollable anger is another warning sign that teen dating violence is present. Does your partner get mad quickly, seemingly out of nowhere? Do they get really mad at small things?

Any amount of physical violence is a sign that dating violence is present and may be escalating. Physical force, such as grabbing, pushing, shoving, and preventing someone from leaving (such as a room, a house, a car, etc.) can escalate into more dangerous forms of physical abuse, such as punching, hitting, strangulation, etc.

NO means NO! Any form of unwanted sexual contact of any kind is a warning sign for teen dating violence. It is not ok for a partner to try and prevent their partner from using contraception. It is not ok for a partner to pressure their partner into sexual activity. Consent must be clear, ongoing and voluntary.

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