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Information & Referrals

We work collaboratively with many other agencies in Central Alberta in order to provide a comprehensive support program for families affected by domestic violence. This ensures families will receive the necessary tools and information to break free from family violence, both while staying at CAWES and upon their departure.

The following agencies provide services in the shelter on a weekly/monthly basis:

  • Women’s Outreach – Twice weekly

  • Alberta Health Services (Public Health Nurses) – Twice monthly

  • Native Friendship Centre - Weekly

  • Infant Pre-school Wellness Program - Weekly

  • F.A.S.D. Community Partnership Outreach Project – Monthly

For more information on our community partners, visit our Community Partners page.

CAWES relies on the generosity of the community to maintain these programs and services for women in need. To learn how you can contribute to CAWES, read about our Donation Options, or browse our current Volunteer Opportunities.

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